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Handcrafted “little brass skull ring” 
New rings!! All if which were designed, cut, and soldered by me. So exciting to be able to do something from start to finish. I am always amazed at the things I end up with. Mostly because I just make things as I go along. Slowly adding, and taking from the original design. Never really ending up with  the first idea that came to mind, but always satisfied with the result…And to think 4 days ago I had no idea how to use a soldering torch!
Handcrafted leather wrapped quartz necklace on a hemp cord.
Enjoying some tea while making friendship bracelets. What a way to start my day!!!
handmade genuine leather bag

Making hemp bracelets all day… I also made the wooden display using upcycled wood from an old bed frame.

Organizing my hemp cord using clothespins.

Getting ready for the craft fair comming up…. I wanted everything to be natural and upcycled so I made some bracelet, earring, and dreamcatcher displays using some old beer bottles. I cleaned them out peeled the labels and used wood glue to glue them to small pieces of wood so they would stay up, then to add the tags I used wooden clothespins. *The crates I found at michaels for a penny each!

Just some of my collection

Organizing my craft area!!! Finally finished hopefully it stays looking this good for a little while.

Personalized mugs with sharpie!!!